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Learn more about the dbSAFE ARMOR, the latest and greatest test enclosure ideal for 5G testing... the dbTENT, and the entire range of our dbSAFE Series!

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How could Portable RF Anechoic Test Enclosures DC-90 GHz help?

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RF & Thermal
Testing Collide

Meet the new dbSAFE with Thermal Capability

Today DVTEST launches their Thermal Testing Compatible RF Enclosure the dbSAFE TSE.

Why Does

Every RF test enclosure need a high performance USB interface module?

Because it's free!

Buy any dbSAFE test enclosure* and get a FREE USB 3.1 or USB 3.0 interface module!

dbSAFE mm

Surpassing todays
test limitations…

The all new Millimeter wave test enclosure

The dbSAFEmm is the first RF Test Enclosure that addresses millimetre requirements.

Design Your Own I/O Panel

Customize your enclosure to the fullest!


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Introducing OTA Verification Tools in Collaboration with Noisecom and Boonton
The OTA Verification Tools by DVTEST will make the process of verifying an RF test environment not only easy and fast but also affordable.  
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Making your RF Test Enclosure choice simple. Compare all of the DVTEST enclosures at one glance.
Are you 5G ready?
The Internet of Things (IOT) is creating a huge demand for Big Data in industries from healthcare monitoring, to wearables, to home automation.

Product Highlights

dbDIRECT Broadband Vivaldi Antenna

The dbDIRECT Broadband Antenna features a broad frequency range of operation, high gain, small form factor and directional radiation pattern, making it highly attractive for widespread use in test and measurement of emerging wireless technology devices and radars. Contrary to conventional Vivaldi antennas limited to operating only at higher frequencies, the dbDIRECT Broadband Antenna design is optimized to operate at a frequency as low as 700 MHz up to 6 GHz. This lightweight and compact antenna design provides excellent matching over a broad frequency range.

The antenna is designed to be placed in a DVTEST's portable anechoic chamber such as the dbSAFE enclosures for OTA (Over the Air) testing of DUTs. The antennas can be mounted in fixed positions to facilitate repeatable results. When used in conjunction with a rotary positioning mechanism, customers are able to detect the highest point of power sensitivity for enhanced accuracy and repeatability in measurements. In this configuration, both the antennas and DUTs can be positioned in order to facilitate the measurement.


  • RF wireless device testing in Anechoic chambers where directional and high gain link required with DUT
  • 3G, 4G,5G and 5G new radio (5G NR), Carrier aggregation, MIMO
  • LTE, LTE-A, WIMAX, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, GSM, Z-Wave, LoRa
  • Spectrum Analysis in DAS environment, radars, IoT