dbCHECK RF test enclosure datasheet DVTEST
12 Jul


The dbCHECK is an ideal solution for repeatable wireless device testing. Boasting a dual RF gasket design, high quality broadband RF absorber, and fi ltered I/O panels, the dbCHECK can achieve more than 90dB* isolation from 700 MHz – 6000 MHz. This level of isolation delivers maximum performance by attenuating all unwanted signals.

The dbCHECK is available in two sizes, and is suitable for testing phones, tablets, laptops, and many other wireless devices. The I/O panel is filtered, and is customizable to support the most common RF and data connection types. Inclusion of universal antenna coupler mounts, and the durable, fi eld-serviceable, mechanical design makes dbCHECK ideal for use in high-volume service centers.