Selection Guide
Making your RF Test Enclosure choice simple. Compare all of the DVTEST enclosures at one glance.
Radiocheck: ROGER!

Testing your radio in the field? RadioCheck is your operational communication assurance system.


The dbSAFE 5G RF Test Enclosure is top of its class. Available in two versions for bands below 33 GHz and mmWave bands.

Ventilation Mechanisms
Find out about the RF test enclosure options that maximize airflow while maintaining shielding integrity.
Measure RF Isolation

In this paper, methods are introduced that can be used to analyze shielding effectiveness of small enclosures.


The dbSAFEx Series advanced RF test enclosures are versatile for any wireless testing. Designed to operate between 300 MHz to 13 GHz, testing of wireless devices has...

Double-wall and Single-wall Comparison

Electromagnetic shielding is an approach to avoid undesired electromagnetic energy being coupled into equipment under test. The ability of an enclosure to avoid undesired electromagnetic fields to couple to the...

OTA Testing

Learn how the DVTEST programmable coupler positioning system allows for easier then ever mapping of the coupler.

RF Enclosure High Speed Data Routing

Differential transmission lines play an important role in high speed digital circuits due to their immunity to noise and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). Differential pairs are composed of symmetrical signal traces...


The dbCHECK is an ideal solution for repeatable wireless device testing. Boasting a dual RF gasket design, high quality broadband RF absorber, and fi...