Are you 5G ready?
13 Oct

Are you 5G ready?

The Internet of Things (IOT) is creating a huge demand for Big Data in industries from healthcare monitoring, to wearables, to home automation. The billions of devices that will enter in this space will require higher data rates and lower latency. Cell phone carriers, mobile chipset manufacturers, and major network equipment manufacturers are working on developing the 5G network technology for their customers.

5G is Surpassing todays test limitations!

With having higher frequencies which pose new challenges as these devices will be designed in the mmWave range using massive MIMO capability. As the devices speed and sensitivity increase, small and noise free RF test environments will be needed.  

Testing 5G:

The dbSafe5G solves these challenges by providing an environment made for mmWave applications. MIMO testing in array configurations are also made possible in the dbSafe5G. The dbSafe5G is available in two versions for bands below 33 GHz and mmWave bands.


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