Radioscan: ROGER!
10 Apr

Radioscan: ROGER!

RadioScan Test System
You're ready for duty. Is your radio?

DVTEST PMR LMR RadioScan Operational Communication Assurance System

DVTEST Inc., a leading manufacturer of advanced RF Test Enclosures and Systems, is announcing the launch of their RadioScan. RadioScan is an Operational Communication Assurance System (OCAS) used in the LMR industry to run confidence checks on two-way radios.

Research shows that up to 18% of radios in the field aren’t performing at their full potential. First responders rely on their radio performance during mission critical situations and the RadioScan is a cost effective way of verifying the integrity of their radio.

The RadioScan is designed around ease of use. Simply connect the radio, place it on the locator pad, and close the test enclosure’s lid to automatically start the test sequence. In about a minute, the large touchscreen display will show a “Pass” or “Fail”. The radio is now ready for duty or in the event of a failure, the unit can be sent to the radio shop for further investigation.

RadioScan is available in desktop and freestanding kiosk versions complete with host controller, 19” touchscreen, RF Test Enclosure, Antenna Coupler, and interface cabling. An Viavi 8800SX Digital Radio Test Set with Auto-test is fully integrated enabling complete and accurate performance verification of complex digital radios in minutes. Supported protocols include P25, P25 Phase II, DMR (MOTOTRBO™), dPMR™, and NXDN™.

Already own an 8800SX or 3920B? No problem, the lab version is suited for those who wish to build their own automated test system. The RF Test Enclosure, Antenna Coupler,and necessary interface cables can be purchased as a kit.

You're ready for duty. Is your radio?


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