Easy-to-assemble and collapsible RF test enclosure with fabric shielding,
≥ 80 dB isolation, 80 MHz - 18 GHz

The dbTENT is an easy-to-assemble, store and transport high-performance RF test enclosure.


Whether you need to make measurements in the field or in the lab, the dbTENT provides superior 90 dB of isolation over a wide frequency range thanks to its patented double layer conductive fabric design. Featuring an interchangeable customisable I/O panel, the dbTENT meets all your needs for non-permanent isolated testing. With a setup time of only minutes, the dbTENT will get you ready for testing instantly in a wide variety of environments.





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Isolation > 85 dB @ 30 MHz to 300 MHz
> 90 dB @ 300 MHz to 2 GHz
> 80 dB @ 2 GHz to 18 GHz
Configuration Standard rack-mount option
Detachable floor Ventilation: 2 RF Shielded Vents and Fan Foam Absorber LED String Lights RF Shielded EMI Window Cable Sleeve
Construction Frame type 
Heavy-duty aluminum frame with an adjustable strap attachment
Fabric Type
RoHS compliant, lightweight silver/copper/nickel fabric
Floor Design: Conductive fabric between two layers of heavy duty tarp 
Optical Waveguide pass-through for fiber insertion (includes 6 fibers)
Dimensions dbTENT S
Ext.: 24’’(610) x 24’’(610) x 24’’(610) dbTENT M
Ext.: 36’’(914) x 36’’(914) x 36’’(914) dbTENT L
Ext.: 48’’(1219) x 48’’(1219) x 48’’(1219)

Connectors SMA, N, TNC, BNC
Cable Length 300mm, MMCK to SMA(M) Data USB 2.0/USB 3.0/3.1 (backwards compatible) Ethernet (POE) 10/100/1000 Base-T (1 Gbps)
HDMI 1.4
DB9, DB15, DB25
Power AC: 120/240 V 15 amps
DC: 0-100 V 20 amps
1 year parts and labor