Noise Source 2-6 GHz

This noise source by Noisecom produces white Gaussian noise up to +13 dBm. It contains a hermetically packaged noise diode that has been pre-selected for special performance characteristics.  This module is ideal for many different applications including CATV, Secure communications, Jamming systems, OC-192 Testing, EW & EC.

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Frequency Range 2 GHz to 6 GHz Power level -14 dBm
Voltage +15 DC operation IdBm/Hz -110m
Flatness (dB) ±2.5
6.65" x 6.65" x 0.39"
I (max) (mA) 250
Operating temperature -35° to +100°C Storage temperature -65° to +150°C
Typical temperature coefficient 0.025 dB/°C Supply voltage sensitivity 0.25 dB/1%ΔV