RF Test Enclosure, ≥100 dB of isolation, 300 MHz - 13 GHz

RF enclosures are now a necessity for testing wireless devices. The dbSAFE DUO offers unmatched isolation in its class; up to 100 dB* from 300 MHz to 13 GHz. The dbSAFE DUO shielded box has been engineered from the ground up to provide superior RF isolation and performance while being cost effective. The dbSAFE DUO can be designed and manufactured to almost any size and dimensions.





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Shielding effectiveness (Double wall) 300MHz-2GHz 100dB
2GHz - 3GHz 100dB
3GHz - 6GHz 90dB
6GHz - 13GHz 80dB
RF Gasket Type Braid over foam
Door Opening and Door Options Opening: Dual Latch, Single or Double point lever Latch
Door Options: Top, Front, or Clamshell
I/O Panel Options RF Connectors, USB, Ethernet, Optical, D-Sub, HDMI, DC, AC Power
Available Sizes:
All dimensions in W x D x H Inch (mm)
dbSAFE DUO Small
Ext: 13.5(340) x 11(280) x8.5(215)
Int: 11(280) x 8.5(215)x 6(150)
dbSAFE DUO Medium
Ext: 19.59500) x 13.5(340) x 10.5(270)
Int: 17(430) x 11(280)x 8(200)
dbSAFE DUO Large
Ext: 26.5(670) x 17.5(450) x 15.5(390
Int: 24(610) x 159380) x 13(330)
Standard Rackmount Options dbSAFE 4U
Ext: 19(480) x 25(635) x 7(180)
Int: 14(355) x 20(510) x 4(100)
Ext: 19(480) x 25(635) x 17(430)
Int: 14(355) x 20(510) x 14(355)
Standard Bench-top Option Bench-top Front Load (Customizable)
Bench-top Top Load (Customizable)
Other Configurations Inch (mm) dbMAX
Ext: 24(610) x 26(660) x 32(810)
Int: 18(460) x 24(610) x 30(760)
Loading style Pneumatic Control Station
Adjustable Lift Rate Hydraulics Dampers
ITAR Compliant Locking Systems
Warranty 1 Year Parts and Labour
2 Years with Registration