Positioner HD

The Positioner HD is a two-axis azimuth over elevation positioner, for precise angular positioning with full spherical coverage. Designed for antenna and RF device measurement, the positioner is built out of low-reflection materials, with additional RF shielding for minimal multipath and improved measurement accuracy. A slip ring is included to allow for continuous 360° rotation in both axes. This system is highly configurable, with options for RF rotary joints, slip rings for data communications, and custom sizing. An external motor controller is included by default with the Positioner HD. This motor controller connects to a computer via USB and includes an easy-to-use graphic interface. Other command options include automated macros, manual control knobs, Python, Matlab, or Labview interfaces, or direct control via ASCII commands. The controller also includes a digital I/O trigger system, for precise synchronization with other devices.


  • • Dual-axis elevation over azimuth angular positioning
  • • Continuous 360° rotation in both axes with a rotational speed of 115°/s
  • • Maximum DUT weight 10 lb (5 kg) balanced
  • • Maximum DUT size of 6.5 (165.1) x 6.5 (165.1) x 1.5 (38.1)
  • • Ideal for OTA (Over-The-Air) mmWave measurements, antenna-array performance tests, beam coverage assessments, beamforming 3D capture
  • • Compatible with all dbSAFE Series test enclosures or walk-in chambers






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Number of Axes:

Construction Material:

G10 Fiberglass Composite with Pyramidal Absorbers
Axis Type:
Azimuth over Elevation
Motor Control Resolution:
USB or RS-232
Rotation Range:
360° Continuous 
Motor Encoder:
Maximum Rotation Speed
Maximum DUT Size: Inch (mm)
6.5 (165.1) x 6.5 (165.1) x 1.5 (38.1)
Software Interfaces:
Console with a Graphic User Interface Software Libraries Including: LabVIEW, Matlab, Python, C#, C++, JavaScript
Maximum DUT Weight:
10 lb
Manual Control: 
Manual Control Knobs
Additional Features:
Digital I/O Trigger System